Welcome to the physical web

The Physical Web is an open approach to enable quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations! Any object or place can broadcast content. When anything can offer information and utility, the possibilities are endless.

Here's how it works.

The Physical Web enables you to see a list of URLs being broadcast by objects in the environment around you. Any object can be embedded with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device, which is a low powered, battery efficient device that broadcasts content over bluetooth. The technology can broadcast URLs. Services on mobile device such as Google Chrome or Nearby Notifications can scan for and display these URLs. The device user can now see your message or promotion.


Location-Specific Offers

With (Proximity Marketing) you can send information to mobile users from 150 feet away, down to inches. These exact targeting capabilities are useful for retailers and brands who want to send an offer to a customer in the location or walking by. You could use the devices to have people opt in to your email list.

City Wide Campaigns

The device might broadcast a URL that points to a page with relevant information. For example, a movie poster could point to a page with the movie’s trailer and showtimes. An identifier for the movie poster’s location can be encoded into the broadcasted URL such that the webpage can filter for theaters nearby.


The Future Of Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing offers personalization and convenience to customers. Your brand is now able to send offers to those customers during their visit. According to a new study, direct to mobile powered messages will influence $64.5 billion of in-store retail sales in the nation during 2018.



We offer two devices our Mini Beacon and a Full Size Beacon. The Mini Beacon is perfect for mobile and on the go use. Take it with you everywhere and promote your business or brand. The Full Size Beacon can be placed as a long term installation and is completely water proof. Both have a 150 foot range.


Mini Beacon


Full Size Beacon





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