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Follow. He’d probs over-apply too so it would overpower whatever his natural scent is. It is very likely to go your whole life without finding your soulmate. 3D night light for boys, KEI TSUKISHIMA 3d LED ANIME LAMP HAIKYUU Manga Gift Anime 3d Lamp Night Light Lamp Otaku Gift Well Packed (Emitting Color : No Controller) $29.99 Only 4 left in stock - … He has short blond hair, and his eyes are golden brown. Kei Tsukishima. She didn't care what she was called anymore. She didn't care about anything. He is often seen with a frown on his face. Occupation. The uniform was nice, she noted, as she slung her backpack over her shoulder and trudged up the concrete stairs, looking down to avoid eye contact with the students. She is a member of Guilty Kiss, a sub-unit under Aqours. he indirectly confessed to you by making a playlist. Tsukishima Kei ; HEADCANONS. Tsukishima Kotone (月島ことね Tsukishima Kotone) is one of the Pretty Cures in The Pretty Cure Band♪. warnings: christmas fluff!! Kei Tsukishima • 153 Pins. Everybody’s eyes besides your soulmates appear grey to you. He’d pick some named “Ocean, Fresh Ocean” something like that, it’s like a light, translucent blue color. Tsukishima, hoping to try and avoid his current situation, escapes on a trip to Siargao island. He wears Karasuno's black, orange, and white uniform with the number 11 on it. The sound of squeaking sneakers on a hardwood floor and grunts from the court took Bokuto back to his days of volleyball. Kei Tsukishima | No thoughts.....just Tsukki. Despite being a first year, he is the tallest player in Karasuno High, standing at 190.1 cm. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO EVERY SONG HE PUT. Death Note. Her [eye colour] eyes scanned the view in front of her, quickly moving from one student to another. Kei Tsukishima • 57 Pins. He looked to check the stranger’s hand, and sure enough, it was his phone. reader. In competition, he wears black jammers with subtle brown and gray designs. Bokuto’s eyes widened as he watched, completely entranced by the new and improved Karasuno team. Yakuza 3. tags :// #haikyuu!! Anime Crossovers. Eye color. EYE COLOR: Golden Brown APPEARANCE: Tsukishima is very tall and has an average build for a volleyball player. Kei Tsukishima 's best boards. Soulmate AU where you can only see your soulmates eye color. That’s fact. ゚☆ christmas ornaments. Tsukishima’s eyes squeeze shut as she does, and when he opens them he can clearly see Y/N beaming up at him as she ruffles his hair. No thoughts.....just Tsukki. Everybody's eyes besides your soulmates appear grey to you. If there was one thing that Tsukishima loved about Christmas, it was you. He is also the only player on the Karasuno team who wears glasses. his playlist isn’t like others. Sunshine!!. word count: 808 authors note: reupload because tumblr hates me

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