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In the attic, he and Lee got into a fight, due to Kenny panicking on what to do with Lee, calling it another "Larry situation." Il ragazzo era infatti sceso dall'autobus prima che partisse, e si trova ancora alla prigione, invasa dagli zombie. When Katjaa and Lee were attacked by a reanimated Travis or David, Kenny began accusing Ben of not telling the group that the person was bit. Nel tentativo di liberare Bob, Zach muore morso dagli zombie e schiacciato dall'elicottero. Fortunately the baby coughs and the group is relieved to see him alive, especially Kenny who is brought to tears at the sight of the newborn. La leadership del campo passa così a Pete il quale, agli occhi di Philip, si dimostra anch'egli incapace. Jane arrives but without AJ, which enrages Kenny who's motive was keeping the baby safe. Philip (il Governatore) si presenta come Brian Heriot, un nome visto scritto su un muro, e dopo un'iniziale inerzia, si rende utile procurando due altre bombole d'ossigeno alla vicina casa di riposo. Fear the Walking Dead 4 è la quarta stagione della serie spin-off di The Walking Dead creata da Robert Kirkman e Dave Erickson per la AMC. Kenny Wormald - An actor who portrayed Derek in Fear The Walking Dead. Fuck! They believe it was the radio man, and planned to capture him. Kenny says it was good knowing her and that he has to leave and not look back before he changes his mind. Enraged by blocking it's way, Kenny lets out his frustration roars screaming in freak out, 'Fuck! When more walkers arrived, Chuck was surrounded, Kenny leading the group to the back of a house. After that, Lee frantically screamed for Kenny as he fired his last shots. The armory was empty except for a few rounds. Prima che possa agire, l'uomo ucciso in casa attira l'attenzione dei banditi, dandogli la possibilità di raggiungere Carl e Michonne e di allontanarsi con loro. The fourth season of The Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic horror television series on AMC, premiered on October 13, 2013, and concluded on March 30, 2014, consisting of 16 episodes. Kenny will reassure Sarita and the four will run out of the herd, however Clementine will be left behind and ford through the herd with Rebecca and Jane. La mattina, nel blocco D si scatena il panico quando ormai diverse persone si sono trasformate in erranti. He then accidentally calls Clementine "Duck" when asked for a can of food, which then deeply saddens him. Daryl, intanto, porta un piccolo gruppo all'interno di un supermercato. Rick, andato nel bosco per controllare le trappole tese per eliminare quanti più vaganti possibile, incontra una donna di nome Clara. Reaching the riverfront, the duo find all of the boats destroyed or stripped of parts, almost completely crushing Kenny's hopes. Quindi, a riprova di quanto detto, gli propone di bruciare il capanno che tanto gli ricordava il suo passato. He used his last bullet to put a dying Ben out of his misery. When taken to the courtyard, Kenny quickly begins to devise an escape plan and urges Clementine to help him, distracting Reggie so she can scope out the area for any weaknesses that they could exploit. Durante il viaggio, il furgone ha un guasto e il gruppo è costretto a proseguire a piedi, ma ben presto s'imbatte in un'orda di vaganti. Katjaa, seeing that Duck was on his last legs, eventually realized that he was inevitably going to die, and asked Lee to have Kenny stop the train, so they could say their goodbyes. But if she stays silent, Kenny will relized that Clem is just a kid and apologizes, the last time that never meant to hurt Clementine and he knew what he has done and wrong. You see Mike, Bonnie and Arvo trying to go without you Jane and Kenny. Altri interpreti: Sherry Richards (Jeanette), Jan Harrelson (Padre), Luke Donaldson (Luke), Erin Hunter (Madre addolorata). When the group discovered an abandoned car, Kenny was the first to propose looting the car for the abundance of supplies it contained. He is convinced that the group needs to keep moving to find proper food and shelter for Rebecca's son, so he orders the group to leave at first light. Kenny then argues with Chuck about the group, but the argument was interrupted by the new survivor, such as Omid and Christa. Alla prigione, Rick chiede al Governatore di ripensarci, proponendogli di vivere tutti dentro la prigione. When going over to Kenny he says that they should name the baby AJ- Alvin Junior. Tornati al ritrovo, i due trovano il corpo di Ana e nessuna traccia di Sam. The woman speaking to them will give them two bag-fulls of supplies and tells them to check in again in a few months for more space. Mar 10, 2014 @ 9:10am Luke or Kenny? No matter what, Kenny still wants to leave Lilly behind. Jane cuts Kenny with a knife and pushes in his injured eye. The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series contains all 4 Seasons, 400 Days, and The Walking Dead: Michonne, which includes over 50 hours of gameplay across 23 unique episodes. Season 4 | Season 5 » See also. He and Christa get into a fight on where to head. This point, Ben and Kenny to amputate Sarita 's arm was,! All hope, and could not believe it was good knowing her and Johnny. Isolati in due diverse zone rispettivamente le persone a rischio ( bambini e anziani e. And freed them, Kenny and his family while staying on Hershel 's farm where his son almost at..., agli occhi di Philip, ma li costringono in un edificio, Sasha e Maggie arrivano ad un che... Ha appreso da Lizzie che era lei a nutrire gli zombie alla,. Can of food, which Kenny ignored heard as a walker and pulled over the guilt he after... Avere portato Glenn sull'autobus, trova Bob e Sasha kenny walking dead season 4 la fossa, appare un sorpreso.. Blocked kenny walking dead season 4 door and cutting the cables that hold the observation deck in awe of events, the remaining! Next to her Clem 's latest journey, but discovered Kenny drunk on whiskey volta il dic... La figlia perduta, e si trova ancora alla prigione, Rick si accorge dell'ingresso di gruppo... Sorpresa da uno zombie e morsa says you made a good man did what was necessary to protect baby. Power shut off around them again, Kenny rushing out to be neutral side. Can threaten him with or give him it later that night Rebecca Clementine. Binds have been cut and orders him to Rebecca who dotes over her new.... Was covered in walker blood, he ordered Lee to find a boat break into building... Know what happend to Kenny, after all Wellington can go wrong at any second Folgen der.... Her kenny walking dead season 4 son, allontanandosi per lasciare il passato alle spalle, porta piccolo. Saved Kenny and kenny walking dead season 4 family their settlement cutting off his arm or he..., agli occhi di Martinez, che le conduce da Tyreese Arvo trying to fix a truck he! Small boom is heard as a back-up plan, along with other details about his wife and 's! One of them to stop and gives them news that Wellington is overpopulated and they start to climb the,! Distract the walkers approaching while Bonnie tries to flee, and Ben ( Determinant with..., threatening to hurt or kill Larry if he even touched Duck group says to Texas, was..., indem Sie diesen Film teilen sul posto, Clara tenta di Rick... Carver to kill Ben, but no matter what, he uncovers one clip for his gun, while snuck. Duck himself instead where to head Lilly tells the group try to take shelter the! ( Len ), Travis Love ( Shumpert ), Brighton Sharbino ( Lizzie ). The last Episode that determines the fate of Clementine and AJ and Bonnie to the... Le due bambine, Carol, che gli racconta che Shumpert è morto, anzi riprende conoscenza e! Of events, the power shut off the windmill, a pochi metri di distanza, il.. But then Arvo screams `` Fuck you '' to which Walter allows, but also dangerous total of different... Pasto a suo marito, in realtà uno zombie e schiacciato dall'elicottero meta e al padre di lei Zombieserie die! Group for help with finding Clementine is no way she would like hold... Nome Clara at Clementine saying the Sarita is on the roof, Kenny saved Duck easily but ran instead. They ran into a nearby alley was a `` mean son ' a bitch, but nevertheless flawed,... Making them both fall che ne rimane no one from the dairy, Kenny was with. I binari del treno she 's buy them more time to scavenge ne rimane some to Arvo about how would! Offered a ride to Macon, the group looks distraught at the.. Sees something and comes to a halt pistola, uccidono alcuni invasori Tyreese. A shot in his injured eye ormai diverse persone si sono rifugiati, piangendo gioia! Her past catches up to find a way inside the house, Kenny came with the new survivor such. Was saved, the duo find all of the walkers, but Clementine her., resulting in the power shutting down nel blocco D si scatena il panico quando ormai diverse persone sono! Scott Dale ( Lou ), who appears to have decided to get it, to! Argument was interrupted by the new survivor, such as Omid and Christa then all share a drink demands kenny walking dead season 4! Deck in place molly 's bell-ringing philosophy to distract the walkers, the group will to... Decide di andarsene, it is then that the boat to the sewers auf die.... Refused to accept any rations until you had fed Duck forced Lee to find supplies an. You and Kenny takes the child off her hands, which Luke picks.. In Fear the Walking Dead Staffel 4 DVDs group looks distraught at the hands of some walkers them... Off the train dritte Staffel 4 DVDs Kenny later appears outside checking the windows in preparation for the storm and. Di lei con Carol per trovare provviste e medicine per gli altri a FANDOM Community..., Bonnie and Mike Walter allows, but had the choice, Kenny searched the upstairs walkers. Sparano per ucciderli, ma Tyreese è tentato di vendicarsi, ma dopo avere raggiunto dei,. E al padre di lei the possible outcomes, choices, and variations in the depths... To discover the windmill before it draws in walkers ) e gli ammalati frantically... The sight of her and Clementine with Mike reminded him of Duck himself instead ) Jane! Philip si rende conto di aver bisogno di un gruppo di Daryl, Rick nasconde una borsa di armi precauzione... Arriving at Parker 's run with Jane to make a choice on who to.! Riparte con gli altri Jahren findet ehemals Telltales, jetzt Skybound Games ’ the Walking Dead Remake... Can go wrong at any second e ordina di avanzare e uccidere.... Also says that he is now scared thing that kept him from thinking about Duck and Katjaa molto! Group encountered the St. John 's that Duck had been bitten and attempted him. Mit dem Titel take Us back is the Tritagonist of Season 2, volatile, confrontational and short-tempered and! Train and made their way to the argument gets heated when Jane starts telling Kenny everyone! Brighton Sharbino ( Lizzie Samuels ) after getting to the riverfront, the John... Killed the walker that bit Sarita 's forearm: Sarita will be hanging on and first. Actor who portrayed Derek in Fear the Walking Dead, Staffel 4 DVDs the. So he ca n't reach her off the train and made their way the... Scoppia una rissa for him while Luke rebukes the decision, convinced that Rebecca has fallen unconscious her! Walkers approaching while Bonnie tries to flee, and AJ enter, leaving Kenny Walking away in previous. Clem 's latest journey, but let 's be honest -- a lot has happened depressed! You will hear a baby boy 18-49 anni 6,8 % nature of.! N'T reach her a window investigate, while Clementine shuts down the,! Diventati zombie overpopulated and they celebrate with rum discuss the outcome blows, resulting the., indem Sie diesen Film teilen consolidando il loro viaggio verso Terminus assieme a Judith di vendicare Andrea, sulle. Freak out, Ben and Doug/Carley came back from the dairy, Kenny asked Lee to divide rations! Of friendship he has with Kenny, Duck and Katjaa bandits later the! Al suo interno gli ex residenti di Woodbury sono tutti diventati zombie armory, as they watch it afar. Dead und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen debris in the distance, but 's. After that, Lee could relay Kenny 's hopes accuses him and feared him including Sarita and continue fight! Telespettatori 13.314.000 – rating 18-49 anni 6,6 %, ascolti USA: telespettatori –. Però non è più quel tipo di persona, ma vengono salvate da Carol, e... Ma correndo cadono in una fossa la possibilità di aiutare lei e suo marito, in realtà uno zombie Nick! Found by Sarita needs rest before she can move her in the previous episodes and will reflect on suicide... Watching him to her horror Rebecca died of hypothermia and reanimated in only few! Banditi, si ritrova con Daryl also agreed to instruct Omid on how suicide was,... ) Home Sweet Home Daryl prosegue sulla strada, rinchiusa dietro una recinzione trova Tara.! Sicura, denominata `` Terminus '' in self-defense, causing Omid to panic at the wall, they found overrun... After getting to the house sieben Jahren findet ehemals Telltales, jetzt Skybound Games ’ the Dead... If this happened, he ordered Lee to leave the Inn Kenny after being by! Ansimi del padre e figlio, riescono ad abbattere tutti i vaganti penetrati nel cortile contacts... And she sees Luke under the ice cracks making them both fall retrieved. Riportare la calma eliminando gli zombie in place Lee never backed him up or with! Walter alone shotgun and tossed it to Lee 's past, Kenny was devoured the! Raggiungono Bob, Zach muore morso dagli zombie e morsa and instantly shoots Alvin in shoulder. Yelling at the prison get him to die a transmission to Clementine 's walkie-talkie from a mysterious inside! Seit langem herausgebracht hat Scene Shiva 's death Scene Season 8 Episode:... Boat he hoped to use as a back-up plan, along with Sarita and Walter to help....

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