how to use a knee scooter

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A knee scooter may perform well indoor because the surface is mostly leveled. If you are very tall, or on the shorter side this is important so you can find the perfect height for comfortable scooting. My foot/leg is still a bit numb from the nerve block, but feeling is coming back. Maybe to be healthy, financially secure, [ Read More…], A bariatric rollator is basically a heavy duty rolling walker which is equipped with wheels to help [ Read More…], Heraclitus – one of the greatest Greek philosophers – once said that everything is in a [ Read More…], What is a knee walker or knee wheelchair? Using a knee walking scooter. Knee scooters are often preferred for their ease of use and the freedom of movement they allow users to have. To balance properly on the knee scooter, lock in the brakes to hold yourself stable and prevent an accident. Don’t forget to ask your mobility aid provider what options are available to you. Locking them has a tendency to put strain on both the arms, shoulders and upper back. Those with flat surfaces and those with a channel. In addition to aiding your mobility, knee scooters can provide comfort, help you conserve greater energy when moving, and build muscle and bone strength as you heal. To find the ideal position- rest your knee on the pad. Features a single hand break and also height adjustable. Height adjustable with dual braking system. You will be amazed and pleased how much of a benefit they are to your life when you need to use one. While they give you greater independence and stability, they roll fast and have tight turning circles providing the ideal solution to the awkwardness of crutches. You would stand on one leg and plant the affected leg on the bench by situating the knee on the bench so that the knee is bent comfortably at 90 degrees. And, the good thing is, there is a wide variety of color, size, features, and other fun accessories available which you can choose for your knee scooter. Great question! You do NOT need to use your foot as a brake! Insider tip when learning how to use a rolling knee walker- the bigger the wheel diameter, the easier they are to ride from experience! A knee scooter should be used to get from point A to point B, then straighten the knee and elevate the leg to control swelling. If you are recovering from a sprain or fracture below the knee, an Achilles tendon injury, or surgery on the lower leg, ankle or foot, a mobility aid like the knee scooter can be just the motivation you need to keep moving! These devices glide and assist users in moving, while crutches rely on the upper-body strength of the user to carry the weight of their afflicted leg. These are 11 of our favorite 3 and 4 wheeler models which are well designed, tough and foldable! While using a knee scooter in your home, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to reach for higher things in cupboards, shelves and on the wall using both hands. The best knee walkers help you stay free from crutches. There are 2 types of pads. How To Use A Knee Walker Properly. You can tell by looking at how large and sturdy the wheels are. My grandmother broke her hip last year and have been having mobility problems ever since. Rougher terrain or even frequent bumps and cracks in the ground can make balance and scooter stabilty more difficult. If you need to adjust the height to a more comfortable level you can do so easily, with options ranging between comfortable heights for anyone from 3’6, to 6’8 depending on the model. One question people have asked us all the time is can I use a knee walker scooter on stairs? When learning how to use a knee scooter properly, your knee is best positioned when the leg with the injury rests comfortably on the center of the seat pad. The hand brakes are either drum brakes or loop brakes for fast braking action. I think that your weight and needs not only effect knee scooters, but other types of mobility scooters. The person riding the knee scooter should keep the diseased leg’s knee on the compact cushion seat of the scooter with the knee flexed. You’re getting the hang of how to use a knee walker properly. You might also be offered the option of leasing, or renting a knee scooter to eventually buy it, if your healing process takes longer than expected. Your leg rests on the padded seat, hands on handlebars, and use the other foot to scoot yourself along. What can you use to help give you stability, support and balance if you are an older citizen, are no... What is a knee walker or knee wheelchair? All Terrain knee scooter: Bulkier design from frame to thicker wheels with more tread, this type of knee scooter is engineered for rougher terrain (grass, dirt, gravel). Here are the steps to follow to properly fit your knee scooter: Stand next to your scooter with your hands on the handlebars Squeeze your handbrake and put your injured leg in the middle of your knee scooter’s seat Adjust the knee scooter seat or platform until your resting leg is at a 90-degree angle They are fairly simple to use and don’t require any upper body strength. The channel helps keeps your leg in place so it doesn’t slide off as you take corners on 2 wheels:) Which in turn can help to reduce painful jarring. If your need for mobility assistance stems from surgery or an injury to the leg or foot, a knee scooter might be the solution you are looking for! The design has changed over the years from small-wheeled designs for indoor use to larger, stronger orthopedic scooters with larger wheels – up to 12 inches- for outdoor use. How much you need depends on the type of injury or surgery and pain sensitivity levels. Some people might find them a little bit difficult to handle at the beginning, although they’re extremely helpful. Knee scooters come with helpful amenities too like cup holders, bags or baskets for carrying personal belongings, additional padding on the knee platform, and safety lights. Allowing you to continue to get around, be independent and complete daily tasks, knee scooters help you stay active and boost endurance during recovery. Required fields are marked *. There are 3 options in how to make a knee scooter more comfortable- handle bar grips and seat covers. Now loosen the adjustment knob so the handles slide up and down easily. All the knee walkers on the market will work on all surfaces. What matters most is how you use it. I will be on a knee scooter, non-weight bearing and have been told my foot can't touch the floor and it must always be touching a cushion. The scooter has several other names, and this differs from one region to another. Adjust the knee pad and handlebar in a height so you can stand straight without bending your lower back. The flat pads are just that, flat and may often have a slippery surface- which is of course easier to clean, but harder to keep your shin on as it’s flat. They offer you great mobility and independence, and they are fast. You will be amazed at just how fast these scooters can travel. Get the best deals for used knee scooter at Most handle bar grips are reasonably soft, but you may want softer grips because the existing grips are ridged, hard plastic, not ergonomically shaped etc. Some patients require the weight bearing relief of a walker before having surgery on wounds such as diabetic wounds or ulcers, torn Achilles tendon, or … The kids can use it after you have finished with it…:), Your email address will not be published.

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