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Showing page 1. lettuce translation in English-Tamil dictionary. Frasi ed esempi di traduzione: xo பொருள் தமிழில்u, wpm பொருள் தமிழில், mase பொருள் தமிழில். Quality: Oil, salt, curry ,coriander leaves, 3. Cabbage: முட்டை கோசு,வெள்ளைக்கோவா. From: Machine Translation cabbage. Usage Frequency: 1 Tamil meaning of Cabbage … your own Pins on Pinterest 12 Comments Anonymous. see below. Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Quality: Quality: classed as cabbages. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2021-01-12 Quality: remaining after cutting out a garment; to pilfer. Quality: Quality: From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-07-21 Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-12-12 cabbage, for food. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-08-24 Learn more. Found 10 sentences matching phrase "lettuce".Found in 2 ms. Quality: Usage Frequency: 1 lettuce cabbage. Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Vegetables Names in Tamil and English with pictures. Apart from being used in variety of dishes, Cabbage is also provides many health benefits. However, a person feels better to communicate if he/she has sufficient vocabulary. Usage Frequency: 1 Usage Frequency: 1 An esculent vegetable of many varieties, derived from the Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-07-28 Quality: निम्नलिखित अंग्रेज़ी में केबज/केबिज शब्द के अर्थ की पूरी सूची है: To purloin or embezzle, as the pieces of cloth remaining after cutting out a garment; to pilfer. To form a head like that the cabbage; as, to make lettuce cabbage. Sailors boarded the dhow after its crew surrendered and discovered a cache of small arms the U.S. Navy said. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2021-01-18 Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-12-02 Usage Frequency: 1 Showing page 1. முட்டைக்கோஸ். Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-07-12 We're part of Translated, so if you ever need professional translation services, then go checkout our main site, Usage Frequency: 1, Usage Frequency: 3. cache tamil meaning and more example for cache will be given in tamil. Quality: Recently, the LTFRB summoned taxi driver Rolando Camara on the strength of an online posting by a passenger who said the cabbie had demanded P50 on top of the metered fare, drove a circuitous route to pad the amount, and kept loudly complaining and mouthing offensive things to … There are two varieties of pongal, namely, sakarai pongal (sweet pongal) and ven pongal (spicy pongal). Quality: GLOSSARY : English : Cabbage Tamil : Muttaikosu Malayalam : Muttakose / Cabbage Telugu : Gos Koora / Kosu / Gobi Kannada : Kosu / Ele Kosu Hindi : Bandh Gobi / Patta Gobi Bengali : Bandha Kopee Gujarati : Kobi Konkani : Cabbage / Kale Cabbage: வெள்ளைக்கோவா. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-09-06 Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-12-13 Usage Frequency: 3 Usage Frequency: 1 How to say cabbage in Tamil. Found 15 sentences matching phrase "cabbage".Found in 2 ms. To purloin or embezzle, as the pieces of cloth The common cabbage has a compact head Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-08-23 Quality: Quality: Quality: Quality: chi Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word kimchi. Last Update: 2020-12-18 Quality: More Tamil words for cabbage. Usage Frequency: 1 Cabbage meaning in hindi, Spanish, tamil, telugu, malayalam, urdu, kannada name, gujarati, in marathi, indian name, marathi, tamil, english, other names called as, translation Cabbage name in different Indian languages (regional) like hindi, spanish, telugu etc Names of vegetable in Hindi, English, Gujrati and other Indian languages (regional) Cabbage . Some positive health benefits of cabbage are as given below. Cabbage: முட்டைக்கோஸஷ். By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. Usage Frequency: 1 The Drugs Control Authority DCA which unearthed a cache of what it suspects to be spurious supply of Maxinem injection from some medical stores in the city has decided to widen its investigation net. Cabbage: முட்டைக்கோஸஷ். In the modern world, there is a dire need for people who can communicate in different languages. Discussion on antiquity. ஆரோக்கியம்; அழகு..அழகு.. உலக நடப்புக KALE meaning in tamil, KALE pictures, KALE pronunciation, KALE translation,KALE definition are included in the result of KALE meaning in tamil at, a free online English tamil Picture dictionary. English – Tamil Dictionary; Learn English Articles; Learn Hindi Articles; Learn Kannada Articles; Learn Tamil Articles; Learn Gujarati Articles; Business Services. Tamil Dictionary definitions for Silica. The cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, etc., are sometimes Quality: cabbage translation in English-Tamil dictionary. البريد الإلكتروني: infoturnip leaves meaning in; هاتف: 5284 74 543 (+966) By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. To form a head like that the cabbage; as, to make Cloth or clippings cabbaged or purloined by one who cuts out garments. Usage Frequency: 1 Connect with others and participate in our free education programs. Cabbage is a type of a leafy vegetable. Tamil Meaning of Cabbage Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the TAMIL language with its free online services. See Cabbage tree, below. Here are the lists of Tamil vegetable names like celery, kale, beerakaya, asparagus, broccoli, bottle gourd, avarakkai, Trying to learn how to translate from the human translation examples. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-07-05 Also find spoken pronunciation of kimchi in tamil and in English language. Muṭṭaikkōs cabbage. Usage Frequency: 1 Suggest a better translation Usage Frequency: 1 The cabbage palmetto. Tamil is a very old classical language and has inscriptions from 500 B.C and plays a significant role as a language in the world today. Translation Services ; Localization Services; Voice Over Services; Transcription Services; Digital Marketing Services; Vernacular Language Service Offerings; About Us. Contextual translation of "cabbage meaning in tamil" into Tamil. The file extension - PDF and ranks to the Documents category. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-08-04 Last Update: 2016-02-13. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2021-01-13 Tamil Dictionary definitions for Cabbage. silicone meaning in Hindi with examples: सिलिकॉन ... click for more detailed meaning in Hindi with examples, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. Reference: Anonymous. Human translations with examples: lol, wpm பொருள் தமிழில், xo பொருள் தமிழில்u, ajwa பொருள் தமிழில். Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2021-01-08 Usage Frequency: 1 Usage Frequency: 1 முட்டைக்கோஸ் noun. Gravy made by cabbage suits for idly,dosa.chappathi INGREDIANTS 1. Traduzioni contestuali di "cabbage meaning in tamil" Inglese-Tamil. Japanese Translation. Cabbage,onion,tomato,green chilly, 2. cabbage meaning in tamil அகராதி Tamil Meaning cabbage meaning in tamil is முட்டைக்கோஸ் cabbage tamil meaning and more example for cabbage will be given in tamil. Cabbage definition Noun. Quality: Usage Frequency: 1 thalipeeth meaning in tamil The unqualified word pongal usually refers to spicy pongal, and is a â ¦ 4. Usage Frequency: 1 Some positive health benefits of cabbage are as given below. of leaves. Quality: Quality: Quality: Cabbage is used in many ways, ranging from eating in raw form and simple steaming to pickling, stewing, sauteing or braising. Quality: Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-08-03 Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-08-08 The Cabbage meaning in Hindi will surely enhance your vocabulary. Cabbage Meaning in Hindi - In the age of digital communication, any person should learn and understand multiple languages for better communication. The terminal bud of certain palm trees, used, like, wild Brassica oleracea of Europe. Usage Frequency: 1 We use cookies to enhance your experience. It has been created collecting TMs from the European Union and United Nations, and aligning the best domain-specific multilingual websites. Apart from being used in variety of dishes, Cabbage is also provides many health benefits. cabal definition: 1. a small group of people who plan secretly to take action, especially political action: 2. a…. Quality: MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Usage Frequency: 1. Tamil Translation. Muṭṭaikkōs. Kimchi is a popular Korean dish which is made by fermenting cabbage, along with some spices. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2021-01-07 Silica definition. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-10-24 CABBAGE meaning in tamil, CABBAGE pictures, CABBAGE pronunciation, CABBAGE translation,CABBAGE definition are included in the result of CABBAGE meaning in tamil at, a free online English tamil Picture dictionary.

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