Common Questions

Its hard to say without knowing what you need or your concept.
Well we can’t answer that just yet, since we don’t know what you need. We always require 50% down to get started.
This is hard to answer without knowing what you need built.
Generally No. These kinds of projects are extremely expensive. For the right price anything is possible.
Yes. WordPress is a great CMS Platform.
1st you need a domain name. Generally we need the content that will be on the site. If you need help with that we can design and develop the content.
Yes. We have great graphic artists. We support full brand Identity development.
This is probably not going to happen but we can design something to fit your budget.
We take all Payment methods. Cash / Check / Paypal / Charge.
Yes. Hosting the site with us is the smartest way. We can protect the site with the highest level security. While keeping the site up to date.
Yes. We can maintain the site and make regular updates and changes as you need them. We have different levels of support for this.
Yes. As long as the requirements are made for on location work.
Yes. We can provide full production services. You would have to explain what it is you need. Feel free to contact us for a quote.
No. We are not interested in equity in your business. But thanks for thinking of us.
Front-end development to the Back-end development. Word Press CMS, HTML, Java, CS, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Mobile App Design, Brand Identity & Digital Printing & 3D Print, Original Digital Content, Video Editing, Mobile Marketing & Email Marketing.
Yes. For Android and iOS.
This all depends on how complex the App is. It depends on what platforms we develop the App for. If you need it for apple and android thats two apps.
Yes. We provide full digital print for almost any product any size, even 100ft banners.
Yes. We provide full 3D printing and design. You can provide us the design or we can work with you on the concept.
Yes. We can consult on any project. submit a quote request for pricing.
Yes. If you need a website mock up or something for presentation purposes we can help.

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